MAPNA Group President Mohammad Owliya, MAPNA Mobility Director Ali Emam, and Chief of Staff to CEO Abolzafl Behjat-Panah were among the officials who welcomed the team.

The World Company Sport Games, held in León, Mexico, from December 6 to 10, attracted employees from 50 different countries who competed and socialized in various sports activities.

The games, organized by the World Federation for Company Sport (WFCS), a non-profit organization that promotes company sports across all continents, featured 18 sports disciplines, including athletics, volleyball, basketball, chess, golf, soccer, and tennis.

Speaking to reporters at the airport, the team’s supervisor Majid Asadi lauded the good level of the competition as well as MAPNA Group’s support for the team.

Behdouz Kamalipur, the team’s captain, said that the title was achieved following three months of hard training.

Seven teams from Iran, the US, Switzerland, Mexico, and France took part in men’s open volleyball. The team had previously won titles in provincial and national workers’ competitions, earning a spot in the world event.