Engineering knowledge and skills have brought about tremendous changes in the world throughout human history. From the invention of the wheel in ancient times to the creation of the steam engine during the Industrial Revolution, as well as the advancement of various technologies of the modern era, the accomplishments of engineers throughout history have been remarkable. In Iran, engineers have also rendered great services to the society.

Khajeh Nasir al-Din Tusi (1201-1274 CE), in whose memory this day is named, is one of the great engineers of this land, who inspires us in development and service.

 Thanks to the efforts of all former and current employees, MAPNA Group has obtained great achievements during thirty years of activity as it is now recognized as a leading symbol of engineering and industry within the nation. While preserving, continuing and technologically enhancing the valuable activities of the past, in the coming years we will further develop our capabilities in renewable energies, energy efficiency, electrification of transportation, and water industry. We are also embracing the transformative power of digital transformation, integrating its concepts and tools seamlessly into all facets of our operations. These steps align with MAPNA Group’s fundamental philosophy of contributing to the sustainable development of the country and addressing its challenges.

On this National Engineer’s Day, we remember the collective and individual efforts that have made our progress possible. We appreciate the valuable results we have achieved together, and we learn from any shortcomings. We use those lessons as a bridge to even greater accomplishments in the future. And most importantly, we strive to be worthy heirs to the great engineers of this country.

With warm regards, Mohammad Owliya